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Louisiana Legislative Women's Caucus Foundation
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Women of Excellence Awards & Scholarships
1.  Can I mail in my award or scholarship applications?  

No, everything must be submitted via the provided website. Our office will not accept faxed, emailed, hand-delivered or mailed documents.  

2.  In 2021, the LLWC Foundation did not offer any scholarships due to the difficulty of fundraising during the COVID pandemic?

This year in 2022, the women legislators through the LLWC Foundation will offer a limited number of Educational Advancement Opportunity (EAO) Scholarships for $1,000.  The goal is to provide more scholarships annually to women and girls in Louisiana.  

3.  How will my material be evaluated?

Everything is graded according to a rubrics by a group of dedicated, independent judges.  Please see the below rubrics from 2018.  We basically use the same rubrics from year to year, but change the questions.  

​4.  Do I have to be a Louisiana resident to apply for scholarships and awards from the LLWC Foundation?

Yes, you must be a resident of Louisiana.  

5.  If I am a relative of one of the women legislators or a Women's Caucus staff member, can I apply for the Women of Excellence Awards or any of the scholarships?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  If you are an immediate family member, you are not allowed to apply.  

6.  If I have received a Women of Excellence Award or any one of the scholarships in the past, can I apply again?

No, if you are a previous recipient of any Women of Excellence award or scholarship from the LLWC Foundation, you are not eligible to apply.

7.  What if I fail to submit any of the required documents?

Your application will be disqualified. 

8. I personally know a woman legislator, may I ask her to write me a letter of recommendation?

Yes, of course.  Our women legislators are always happy to help.  

9.  Does the women legislators or staff evaluate the scholarship and award applications?

​No. The women legislators nor the staff evaluate any of the scholarship applications.   All applications are evaluated by a group of independent judges.  

10. My school does not include the unweighted grade point average on my official transcript?

If this is the case, please hand-write on the bottom of the transcript "Unweighted G.P.A." and write in your unweighted grade point average and then initial next to your unweighted G.P.A.

​11. How many letters of recommendations will I actually need?

EAO Scholarship:
If you are applying for the EAO Scholarship, you will need two character reference forms along with  two letters of recommendations.    Several applications were disqualified last year, because the applicants failed to secure these items.   Please read the criteria information for the EAO Scholarship.  It details everything that you will need.  Unfortunately every year our office has to disqualify several applications because all the necessary forms and letters were not submitted by the deadline.  Be sure to read the scholarship requirements before applying and follow the directions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
EAO Scholarships

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